Belgian Koi Show 2019.

Belgian Koi Show 2017.

Visiting Ollevier&Co.

‘Hidden, deep in the woods of Ham’, with that sentence you are welcomed at Ollevier & Co, a garden and pond shop in Ham, and yes indeed, literally hidden in the woods. Hans joins us for our interview,… read more

Visiting Wai Ning Hui.

ZNA Belgian Koi Show 2016, the movie. 🙂

ZNA All England Koi Show 2016.

Visiting Shinto, early 2016.

JBL #ProPond 2016.

Belgian Koi Show 2016, A report from Plattelands TV.

A visit at Thierry & Johnny. Subtitled !

Stopping by Elna-Koi…

SIBO / Aqua-Forte, open doors.

A visit at Aquatic Science.